Current Project

Dear Community Member

As you may know, the London Multicultural Community Association (LMCA) is a not for profit community organization dedicated to promoting the London’s diverse communities. Our organization has been active since January 2010. As part of its planning process the members of the Association identified economic and business development as a priority concern.

In responding to this priority the London Multicultural Community Association has been fortunate in obtaining financial assistance from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to undertake a Needs Assessment of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in London and the surrounding area. The purpose of this initiative is firstly to identify the needs and barriers facing immigrant entrepreneurs in starting up, maintaining and succeeding in their business; secondly, to assess the current level of service supports in London; and thirdly, to identify the key ingredients to providing an effective business support system in London.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please contact the research team at: twrees@yahoo.ca
or Jack Malkin at: jackm2004@gmail.com

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